Beating Anxiety With One Easy Step

Another morning, more worries flooding the day. The weight on our shoulders is often heavy and exhausting because we attempt to carry more than possible. So what are you worrying about? Chances are it changes all the time.

I have been a worry wart my entire life. Stomach aches from future tests and worries about appearance were all too common in my younger years. School had always caused extreme stress for me, until I adopted a new habit.

Work, grades, debt, appearance, and getting old are all prime examples of stress. Whatever is weighing you down, I have an easy solution that will make a big impact.

First, get a notebook and place it by your bed. Each page should be for a specific date and this is where all of your worries should be recorded. Every single morning, go to the notebook and jot down whatever it is that is causing anxiety. Keep the notebook in the exact same spot and make a habit of doing this daily. When we start the morning by getting this weight off of our shoulders, life becomes more joyful. Putting stress in writing oftentimes makes it easier to tackle.

I have done this activity for a few months now and my worrying has plummeted. Plans to beat the items on the list rush over me after writing them and life has opened up. Write down the worries you have and let’s beat stress.