Doubt + Positivity = Fuel

This is the equation I have adopted to deal with negative individuals. The world consists of over seven billion people and there’s no possible way we can become best friends with everyone.

That being said, there is no room for hate. People, including myself, let opinions of others affect them all too much. That has brought me to creating this equation and dealing with the doubt that others throw my way.


The first part of the equation is when others are failing to believe in you or choosing to put you down. This is a simple choice, but can make a huge impact on the person being doubted. If someone doesn’t believe in your goals, work in silence and push to prove them wrong.


Humans love to argue about their opinions, especially when someone has a negative opinion about them. It may hurt our feelings to see someone doubt us, but a positive outlook is the second part of this equation. Positivity beats nearly everything and tops the doubt. So, accept the doubt and place a positive attitude right over the top of it.


You have received the doubt and are now moving forward with a positive attitude, right? If this can be accomplished, then you’ve gained fuel. Fuel is what gets us to the next level and feeds directly into personal growth. It’s what keeps us striving for more in life. Take the doubt, add positivity, and fuel yourself.