The Danger of the Comfort Bubble

The pebble spun through the air and made a satisfying noise as it hit the stillness of the lake. I sat on the swing in the woods, staring at the 3 miles of sky blue water in front of me.

Driving eight hours to spend two days in the woods was the most spontaneous thing I had yet to do in my life and most of my time was buried in deep thought. Everything there was unimaginably perfect (the warm air, quiet mornings, friendly individuals) and it was almost as if I had entered a splendid dream that you experience during an afternoon nap.

I was peacefully swinging back and forth, reading a book, and wondering why anyone would allow unhappiness to flood their lives.

Happiness had been glued to my mind and life seemed to be coming together, for me at least. I shared the gratefulness that I felt and the joy that consistently spread through my mind with the loved ones around me. This led to the observation of others that were so frustrated and fed up during their journey, yet didn’t work that hard to fix it.

As I shuffled through my thoughts and fought to organize them, the puzzle pieces began to connect. Two days ago, I had set out to take a few days to regroup in the great north woods. Family friends were there, but no one that would beg me to arrive. The decision was quick and way out of my regular comfort bubble that I had been living in for the summer.

It has become perfectly clear that comfort zones are set to make individuals feel safe, but the truth is, extraordinary adventures and experiences live just outside of our bubbles. I have fallen into a deep bubble of my own the past few years and challenged myself to soar out of it.

So, I rocked on this swing and felt at ease. Yes, the one who had a comfort zone had attacked the sense of adventure and widened the bubble of comfort. There are far more adventurous humans than me, but my climb is starting now.

Please, if you are unhappy and have been for more than a month, force yourself to crawl out of that comfort bubble. Everywhere I look, life is living individuals instead of individuals living life. Take a trip, apply for that Hail Mary of a job, tell the world how you feel, or anything that will guarantee to make you feel alive because you deserve it.

Live. Grow. Fulfill.