3 Tips for a More Creative Mind


1. Early Morning Run/Walk

The morning walk/run is an activity that will benefit you, mentally and physically. Waking up early to do this is key because the thoughts in our mind are fresh. This activity gives us a chance to relax, organize, and create thoughts. Clear your mind of stress and allow yourself to get ready for the day ahead. Once we mentally layout our days, creativity can stream more smoothly. Some of my best personal ideas came to me during morning runs and I highly suggest you give it a shot.

2. Journal

First, I want to thank Tim Ferriss and his podcast for bringing up the benefits of journaling. The act of journaling can be unique and you decide how it will be approached. Some enjoy writing in the stream of consciousness when they wake and consider this journaling because their thoughts all flow out onto the page. I have started to journal when I wake up and go to sleep. The morning session is broken into worries, daily goals, and thoughts. Then, at night, I write down the achievements for that day. This has proven to boost my confidence, productivity, and creativeness. Select your style and give journaling a try!

3. Write Down Every Crazy Idea

If you don’t own a spare notebook, I suggest buying one today. Keep it near you throughout the day, a backpack works well, and write down every idea that pops into your mind. Creativity flows at different times and we can’t miss ideas when they hit. Even the bizarre and wild ideas should be written down! Sometimes the craziest ideas turn into the best! The idea notebook can help us organize and expand upon thoughts that are important to us.

Take these three activities and apply them to daily life! Some of the most successful people have put these into practice and we can all benefit from them.