Together, We Are More.

There are times within all of our lives that we feel small. Well, the truth is, we are tiny dots on a planet that is a tiny dot within a universe. Growing up, I found it hard to accept that this was the truth. It is an aspect of life that was on my mind for years and now I can somewhat grasp it. Sometimes we can feel like the size of the period at the end of this sentence. 

So, is this us as individuals? Are we all tiny and carry little impact? After years of wrestling these questions, it is clear that we have the potential to be much more than a dot. The key is working with our minds and with one another. Together, we are more. The impact one person can have is extravagant and we oftentimes underestimate ourselves. Now, I want to show you what we look like when we work from the goodness of our hearts and positively affect our world. So, we can actually feel like a massive circle with numerous dots inside.

That’s more like it. You may be struggling or feeling small, but this is the impact we can have during our short lives. One idea can help millions of people, a positive attitude can create an endless cycle, and generosity is sure to better other lives. All of these are examples of growing “the dot” and that is our ultimate goal. We grow our circle by pouring into others. A tiny dot isn’t in the plans for any of us and now is the perfect time to use life to become bigger than yourself.

Together, we are more.