"Where you are today, isn't where you're going to be."

By: Tyler Jones

Life becomes much more enjoyable when we take it one day at a time, but this can be incredibly difficult. We are programmed to look ahead to exciting events and plan for a brighter future. I’ve spent the last year trying my best to enjoy the day at hand and talked to others about how they do the same. There’s no doubt that my happiness has increased, but I ran into a problem that I’m sure happens to others as well. When you’re focusing on a twenty-four-hour window and having a bad day, it feels lower than it should. “Bad days” are going to happen throughout life, but we need to carry a mindset within each twenty-four-hour period.

“Where you are today, isn’t where you’re going to be.”

A sincere thank you to Pastor Rick from Faith Church for this message and it came at the perfect time! This quote perfectly describes the attitude we should have while working to conquer each day. Sure, we will have down days, but this mindset provides us comfort without getting ahead of ourselves. It’s important to realize the current moment, but there’s no need to panic if it isn’t perfect. Once I heard this quote and adjusted my mindset, frustrating aspects of life didn’t seem as large. Today deserves our undivided attention but remember that it isn’t the end of the road.