Growing From Our Individual Battles (W/ Coach Redeker)

Personal battles come in all shapes and sizes, but how do we beat them while still enjoying life? This question can be answered in endless ways, yet no response had really stuck with me until I spoke with a mentor who was battling cancer. Coach Redeker, the Women’s Basketball Coach at Illinois Central College, shared a valuable lesson with me this past week.

“There are worse things that can happen to a person and I’m going to beat this like I have beaten opponents throughout the years.”

Illness is a personal battle that many of us dread, but Coach Redeker’s strong words should be a lesson to all. Our world is full of struggle and dealing with individual troubles can sometimes seem impossible. Coach Redeker is fighting her battle with a positive attitude and viewing it as an opportunity to make an impact. The women’s basketball team at Illinois Central College is known for their hard-nosed style of play and Coach seems to be taking the same mindset to battle her cancer.

We will all battle obstacles in our lives and the way we deal with them can oftentimes define who we are. I have yet to see a flash of negativity from Coach Redeker during her fight and she shared with me that the devotion “don’t waste your cancer” has added to her positive mindset. Her sense of perspective has blown me away and we can all agree that even difficult situations can have an enormous impact on our world. Whatever your current battle may be, attack it like Coach Redeker and view it as an opportunity to leave a mark.