3 Reasons We Fail

The entire goal of Moretivation is to help individuals realize their motivational potential. Although we shouldn’t let failure scare us, there are common themes within our population that hold us back. You may not connect with all three of these topics, but we are all guilty of at least one of them. 

1) No Routine / Flaw in a Routine
“The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg was written entirely around the science behind routine. This book is mostly centered around business, but it proves just how important routine is and I recommend it to all. We are what we consistently do and finding a groove can be a crucial step towards success. For example, waking up around the same time each morning can lead to more sleep and a productive day. We all have flaws in our routines and it’s often difficult to find ways to improve upon them. One of these flaws I’ve noticed among myself and millennials is that we often scroll aimlessly through social media before bed. This is a perfect example because it can mess with sleep schedules and interrupt efficient habits. Whether you have flaws in your routine or no routine at all, don’t underestimate the power of installing one!

2) Lack of Support (Internal and External)
As humans, we live for interaction with others and support gives us a sense of comfort to keep striving. To start, internal support is clearly necessary to success. You have the choice to be your own biggest fan or enemy. Those who can pick themselves up through the failures are much more likely to succeed moving forward. Perseverance isn’t easy to possess, but it can be a difference maker. External support, or lack thereof, can determine the road you’re heading down. Let’s think about the contrast between positive and negative external support. For example, when a basketball player shoots a free throw at a home venue the crowd cheers after a make. But, when the athlete shoots at a visitor arena the fans heckle him throughout the entire act of shooting. This real-life example proves the need for external support and it’s no surprise basketball players enjoy shooting free throws in front of their home crowd. 

3) Thinking Instead of Doing
Ideas mean nothing if we never act upon them. I’m the first to admit that it’s fun to brainstorm and think of ideas, but they are nothing without hard work. If you’re a dreamer, that’s great but it’s time to move forward and impact the rest of the world. I’ve read various articles that express the need for doers, not just thinkers. I recently read the “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch and he talked about the brick walls we face in life. We oftentimes sprint until a brick wall is reached and back away. Randy argues that the brick walls are there to separate people from one another. A thinker may work until they reach a brick wall, a doer will find a way over. 

By: Tyler Jones