3 Keys to Staying Motivated

It’s a nice feeling when we become motivated by music or a video, but how long does this actually last? Sunday evening may be full of productivity and then Monday may bring a sense of laziness that you didn’t even know existed. Although we all experience dips in our mindsets, what if we could raise the bar and be consistently inspired? There are three keys to staying motivated that will send ripple effects through the rest of your life.

1. Possessing Clear Values

Everyone has a set of core values, but we don’t always refer back to them as much as we should. The power of writing down or discussing your closest 3-5 values can have an immense impact. When we communicate with ourselves and clearly understand the direction we long to head in, it becomes easier to stay motivated. A clear mind opens the opportunity to follow a more fulfilling path.

2. Surrounding Yourself with Motivated Individuals

The support around you is just as important as establishing values and motivated individuals can assist in keeping a consistent mindset. If we are constantly surrounding ourselves with people who shy away from setting goals and refuse to spend time focusing on growth then we are more likely to do the same. A popular phrase I heard growing up was that we are the sum of our five closest friends and we should take that to heart. Look around and see if you're surrounding yourself with positive influences.

3. Continuously Challenging Yourself

An important aspect of staying motivated is challenging yourself every day. This can be a tough workout, a piece of mental work that pushes you, trying something new in the kitchen, or any other individual test. The itch to take on a new challenge is similar to a habit, as our minds learn to handle it. When we test ourselves and get out of the normal comfort bubble, you will begin to stay motivated throughout the week. No more dips and much more growth.