Choose Optimism

By: Tyler Jones

“Is your glass half-full or half-empty?”

This question, although cliché, brings up an incredibly important point. Each morning, we have the choice to be an optimist or a pessimist. This decision affects relationships, occupations, and the legacy we leave during our journey. The power of a positive attitude not only increases happiness but can lead to better health and a longer life.  Psychologists are interested in the power of optimism and have done numerous studies on how it impacts the body.

When we are in a pessimistic mindset, dominos continuously fall and it’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed. This explains why stress often follows a negative outlook. Optimism, especially within young individuals, can help fight off depression and anxiety. When used correctly, this mindset can combat difficult experiences and situations. You may not realize it, but simply trying to be positive can open many doors in life. According to a study at the University of Kentucky, even having clear expectations for the future can strengthen our immune system. When the glass is half-full, your body and mind thrive.

Various aspects of life are completely out of our control, but being an optimist is an individual choice. I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy to be upbeat 24/7, but we can train ourselves to be consistent. There will be days that nothing seems to go right, but letting things go and appreciating the details can help us move on. The power of optimism is strong, but we can’t allow ourselves to get too high or too low. Improving consistency and balance are sure to help strengthen the quality of life. Continue to strive when the glass is half-full and adjust when it is half-empty.