The Morning Impact

Constant demands seem to overwhelm much of society and have us in a race against time. To-do lists aren’t completed, new problems arise, and stress follows. Weeks seem to fly by, but there’s one chunk of your day that could positively impact everything else. The power of a productive morning is quite surprising, and it seems that we should all utilize it.  

What’s your morning consist of?

Our population, especially younger generations, spend countless hours on their phones and are constantly distracted. It’s proven that humans are less distracted in the morning because interruptions are far less likely to occur. The morning is the perfect time to set technology aside and check off a few challenging tasks. An efficient morning is almost guaranteed to have a positive impact on the rest of the day and is when the best work is completed.

Waking up early is extremely challenging for some, but it is well worth it once the habit is formed. A little bit of grogginess sure beats going 100 MPH from the start to finish. Setting the alarm clock a little bit earlier builds a cushion that helps us from becoming overwhelmed. Researchers at the University of London found that those who wake by 7 A.M. have much lower levels of stress. Hitting the snooze button may feel nice at the time, but it doesn’t pay dividends for the rest of the day!

Not only will waking early lower stress, but a study at Northwestern found that early birds are often in better physical shape. Exercise is a fantastic way to kick off your day but isn’t the only option for self-improvement. Do you struggle with starting the morning off on a positive note? Start taking advantage of the early hours and cut down on all the demands.