Tough People Thrive

By: Tyler Jones

“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

This year, no lesson has had an impact on me quite like this one. Every one of us experiences difficult times during our lives, but how do we react? I often see individuals allowing one day to negatively affect an entire week or one situation that ruins the whole day. This carryover is allowing the tough times to last and that can be detrimental to our happiness.

As I heard this quote, tough people in my life instantly came to mind. Most of us can think of an individual that deals with adversity and is able to outlast the struggles that life throws their way. No matter what you’re going through positives will come, and it is key to have role models that realize that. Tough can be defined as “withstanding adverse conditions” and is said to “require great determination.” I believe that we all have this determination within us and are capable of being tough. 

As soon as tough times occur, there is an initial choice to be made. Do we sulk and let the situation bring us down or attack it head-on? The resilient people I know take unfavorable events and work with them. Nothing gets solved by running away and pushing things aside. No day is perfect, but tough people can remain optimistic during the ups and the downs. Whatever life is throwing your way, there’s no doubt that you can outlast it with a positive approach.